Who Am I

Dr. Jerry Lanier is the founder and former CEO of Kids Dental Kare in Southern California.

Dr. Jerry Lanier is the founder and former CEO of Kids Dental Kare in Southern California.

Dr. Lanier started his professional career with the US Public Health Service in New Orleans working at a children’s clinic for four years, before venturing into private practice. In 1991 Dr. Lanier relocated to Los Angeles where he worked as an associate dentist, before deciding to launch his own clinic in 1994, establishing the very first Kids Dental Kare office. Between 1994 and 2017 he grew 21 locations serving the low to middle income, some of which were sold off or closed over the years.

Even though Dr. Lanier earned an Exec. MBA from UCLA’s  Anderson school of Business he credits most of his success from seeking out the gurus over the years and being a salesman for everything from door to door book sales, waiting tables, selling clothes and selling dentistry. He’s studied under Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziggler and countless other mentors and motivational speakers. His hopes are to be able to motivate and mentor as many Entrepreneurs as his mentors did.

Dr. Lanier completed a transaction on August 2017 that sold all the company’s 14 locations to Western Dental. This was a well planned exit that allowed him to retire and become a mentor while introducing two corp entities: EntrepreneurDentist.com and MKTGdocs.com. He is now engaged on releasing two books by the same names.

Dr. Lanier is a firm believer that you must declare your end from the beginning if you intend to be successful and that the rest is just filling in and fulfilling the marching orders that you lay out for yourself. Knowing that it is not always that easy he things he has a formula that if followed diligently will lead eventually to great successes.

About Dr. Jerry Lanier

Dentistry offers some unparalleled opportunities that have allowed a poor kid from the back woods of N.C. to achieved his dream and he believes it offers so much more to others that don’t really see the opportunities that are right in front of our faces. As a mentor and devotee to teaching and training Entrepreneurs and Marketers Dr. Lanier has developed his own style of mentoring that can only come from those that have been to the top of the hill. He offers an opportunity to share and learn from his failures and successes.

Dr. Lanier is now embarking on this new phase of his career which includes public speaking, seminars, writing his blog and book, “The Entrepreneur Dentist”, which will detail a step-by-step program to successfully marketing, launching and managing dental offices or for that matter any business.

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