What I do

The Entrepreneur Dentist..

The Entrepreneur Dentist is an affiliate program built to facilitate medium to large dental practices access to investors and buyers. We mentor and walk you through the selling process with a focus on a profitable exit strategy.

The fact is that everyone has gaps in their practice between what they know and what they do. What we do is leverage our knowledge and experience to help you identify your worth, as well as improving the profitability of your brand, therefore optimizing the sales price.

Dr. Lanier completed a transaction on August 2017 that sold all the company’s 14 locations to Western Dental. This was a well planned exit that allowed him to retire and become a mentor while introducing two corp entities: EntrepreneurDentist.com and MKTGdocs.com. He is now engaged on releasing two books by the same names.

Dr. Lanier is a firm believer that you must declare your end from the beginning if you intend to be successful and that the rest is just filling in and fulfilling the marching orders that you lay out for yourself. Knowing that it is not always that easy he things he has a formula that if followed diligently will lead eventually to great successes.