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Turnkey concepts have been around for a long time but not long for dentistry and most of the time it’s in the form of a DSO that really owns the assets and not the Dentist. We want to change that to allow the Dentist to be the Entrepreneur owner but we provide the TKO in the form of our services as needed by the Dentist, Hygienist or Owner. Our Turnkey concept allow Dentists to own the assets and be the Entrepreneur. Our affordable facilities are designed by expert dental teams to deliver ROI.



Own the property or lease and the equipment and lease it to the dentist as a percentage of profits. Strategic and demographically located based on predictive data.


We complete it and sell it already done as a concept to the Dentist/Hygienist or sell them first and then get them involved in the design phase.

Launch Marketing & Branding

This is a crucial time and part of the success that cannot be left to non professionals. We bring in MKTGdocs, LLC to engage this and the cost is wrapped into the start-up financing. Pre-Marketed Strategy and ready for you to hit the ground running.

Advisory panels

This is the group of: Investment Bankers, CFO, Law firm.

Outsourcing to Experts

Marketing, accounting, construction, design, billing, HR, compliance and training.

TKO resources:

  • Niche facility
  • Expert support
  • Mentoring on Dent-Cal
  • Networks
  • Virtual Dental
  • Platform Development
  • Exit Strategy


➡  Now is the optimal time to enter the Healthcare Industry with a Platform designed as a Disruptive Innovation.

➡  The partnership of experienced experts working together allows for more efficient and specialized services designed to grow a Platform business. Operational Experience in this Niche.

➡  Based on anticipated political moves that have already started to affect the rendering of care but will continue to change the landscape based on public sentiment and recent elections. Healthcare topped the economy as the number one concern of voters in recent polls. 

➡  Destination designed and decoratively furnished to attract the intended targeted audience.

➡  These facilities are designed and constructed by seasoned medical/dental office teams that  have shared the visions with before and executed the build outs exquisitely and efficiently to allow for an affordable facility that delivers ROI.

➡  Turnkey Dental Offices – by experiences, experts

➡  Demographics and data driven decisions to address

specific Niches

➡ Design

➡   Online Marketing strategies and processes

➡   Community Based Marketing

➡  Professional Relations Marketing and Networking

➡  Customer Service training and monitoring

About Dr. Jerry Lanier

Dr. Jerry Lanier the founder of Kids Dental Kare and author of the recently published book “The Entrepreneur Dentist – How to Exit your Dental Business Rich,” will offer mentoring on the under appreciated opportunities for Dent-Cal. With Dr. Lanier’s more than 30 years as a Medicaid provider and entrepreneur he was able to exit using a major liquidity event, sold 14 locations to Western Dental in 2017. His exit was timed to coincide with when everyone else was getting into the market being a good time to sell. But the Funds from proposition 56 for DTI, Supplemental Payments and school loan repayments have made it so attractive that it stimulated his newest venture: TKO Properties/ TurnKey Offices (Denti-Cal) to assist dentist in having the most ideal locations. TKO is based on the TurnKey revolution taking place across almost every industry today from Uber and Airbnb to shared office spaces. Using research guided data and years of experience, expert contractor, designers and network within the niche, Dr. Jerry Lanier has built success with TKO. 

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