Webinar: Medicaid Masterclass + California CE Course for only $49

November 17, 2019 9am-1pm PST

Speaker: Dr. Jerry Lanier

Author, Mentor and Speaker

About The Webinar and the California CE Course Credits

Want to learn how to grow a successful and profitable government compliant Denti-Cal practice? Well you’ve come to the right place. The Masterclass Webinar will teach you just that. In addition, we are offering California CE Course credits with this webinar at only $49, which is practically almost at free value. 

When you complete this course you, the GP Dentist, will know what skills are needed to treat 95% of all the Denti-Cal kids you’ll encounter without referrals. You will also know how to operate within the yellow lines / guidelines set forth by your Medicaid Bible/ contract (Blue Book), Survival Guide as a treating provider or billing provider.

“Medicaid Masterclass / Pedo for the GP”

Webinar for Dentist: 4 hours of California CE Credits while still in you pajamas
  • Learn the secrets that allowed me to build two million dollar practices in 2 years only treating medicaid patients
  • Learn how and why GP dentist are such a vital link in rendering care through Denti-Cal to half of all the children in California
  • Learn how to do well while doing good

Let’s start some conversations and look for your opportunities to live and give a life of abundance!

About Speaker Dr. Jerry Lanier

Dr. Jerry Lanier the founder of Kids Dental Kare and author of the recently published book “The Entrepreneur Dentist – How to Exit your Dental Business Rich,” will offer mentoring on the under appreciated opportunities for Dent-Cal. With Dr. Lanier’s more than 30 years as a Medicaid provider and entrepreneur he was able to exit using a major liquidity event, sold 14 locations to Western Dental in 2017. His exit was timed to coincide with when everyone else was getting into the market being a good time to sell. But the Funds from proposition 56 for DTI, Supplemental Payments and school loan repayments have made it so attractive that it stimulated his newest venture: TKO Properties/ TurnKey Offices (Denti-Cal) to assist dentist in having the most ideal locations. TKO is based on the TurnKey revolution taking place across almost every industry today from Uber and Airbnb to shared office spaces. Using research guided data and years of experience, expert contractor, designers and network within the niche, Dr. Jerry Lanier has built success with TKO. Learn more about this opportunity during the webinar.

The first 100 doctors to register will receive a free copy of Dr. Lanier's book The entrepreneur dentist

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