How much money do dentist make?

There are averages but as you know, to reach an average there are many below and many above that number. Why do some do extremely well while others just do okay?

Some dentist are clinicians only and yet still get paid some of the highest salaries in America. It’s a great profession which offers opportunities that are closed out to most physicians by the big HMO plans & PPO’s owning them.

There is still a lot of years before consolidation takes over dentistry but now is the time to look for your opportunity to prosper while it’s hot!!

However much you earn will reflect your image of who you are and what you value your self worth to be. “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” – Bible

As a dentist the sky is the limit for those so inclined. A dentist can live a lifestyle by design if they have a plan that develops a product ready for the DSO market.

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