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Dr. Jerry Lanier
Dr. Jerry Lanier Urgently Pleads For Improvement In Child Dental Care In California One of the most shameful gaps in the American health care system involves the country’s poorest children. They can’t get basic dental treatment. It’s not that they don’t have insurance—many of them do. The problem is that dentists won’t treat them. According...
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Dr. Lanier Guest Speaker at Punjabi Dental Society Conference Montebello, California – Dr. Jerry Lanier, founder of Kids Dental Kare, joined the Punjabi Dental Society last Sunday June 22th, where he spoke in a variety of topics regarding the Pediatric Dental Industry. Among these topics, Dr. Lanier covered behavioral techniques to optimize dental treatment for children, as well as...
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Aphorisms in Business – The Entrepreneur Dentist Podcast In this episode of The Entrepreneur Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jerry Lanier talks about using aphorisms in life and applying them to your business. Let us know a topic you guys want Dr. Lanier to talk about next. Make sure you subscribe to the Entrepreneur Dentist Podcast to...
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